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Casagrande Bucket

We are the Casagrande Bucket Manufacturer in India and Casagrande Bucket Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Our company makes use of the best quality raw materials for these grab bucket manufacturing and we are providing the best quality of a Casagrande Bucket in Ahmedabad.

The Casagrande Bucket is used for handling lots of the tons materials very easily. We are providing the wide range of the Casagrande Bucket that can be used for the variety of the purposes.

The Casagrande Buckets are the types of the grasping device that are used for the lifting, dredging, transportation purpose, etc. and many more things. It can be used with a lift crane, loader or with the overhead traveling crane.


The features of the Casagrande Bucket are as follows

  • It has a jaw opening of 2000 to 4500 mm (approx).
  • Color Availability: Yellow, Blue, Green, etc.
  • Strong in nature.
  • It possesses large load bearing capacity.
  • It helps is saving large amount of amount.
  • Also makes the work easy and convenient.

The Vivek Engineering is the foremost Casagrande Bucket Supplier in India and also Casagrande Bucket Supplier in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, etc.

Call us or enquire us for more details. The fast and instant solution related to your requirement is provided by us that too on exclusive price.

We are also the Casagrande Bucket exporter in Bangladesh, Canada, Europe, UK etc.

Casagrande Bucket

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